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Research Fellow, Economic Research Forum.

Selected Recent Publications:

Book Chapters

  • Chaaban, Jad, “Determinants and Likely Evolution of Global Tobacco Leaf Demand”, in W. Leppan, N. Lecours and D. Buckles (eds), Tobacco Control and Tobacco Farming Separating Myth from Reality, Anthem Press, 2014
  • Chaaban, Jad., “Youth Welfare Index”, in Encyclopedia of Quality of Life Research, Springer ISBN 978-94-007-0752-8, 2014.
  • Karin Seyfert, Jad Chaaban, and Hala Ghattas, “Food Security and the Supermarket Transition in the Middle East: Two Case Studies”, in Z. Babar and S. Mirgani (eds), Food Security in the Middle East, Oxford University Press, 2014

Articles in Refereed International Journals

  • Ali Chalak, Chaza Abou-Daher, Jad Chaaban, Mohamad G. Abiad,” The global economic and regulatory determinants of household food waste generation: A cross-country analysis”, Waste Management, Volume 48, February 2016, Pages 418-422
  • Jad Chaaban, Alexandra Irani and Alexander Khoury, “The Composite Global Well-Being Index (CGWBI): A New Multi-Dimensional Measure of Human Development”, Social Indicators Research, September 2015
  • Rima R. Habib , Safa Hojeij , Kareem Elzein , Jad Chaaban , Karin Seyfert, “Associations between life conditions and multi-morbidity in marginalized populations: the case of Palestinian refugees”, The European Journal of Public Health Jul 2014.
  • Salti, J. Chaaban, R. Nakkash and H. Alaouie, “The Effect of Taxation on Tobacco Consumption and Public Revenues in Lebanon”, Tobacco Control 2013 June.
  • Zhang, J., Chaaban, J., “The Economic Cost of Physical Inactivity in China”, Prev. Med. 2013, Jan; 56(1):75-8.
  • Salti and J. Chaaban, “The Political Economy of Attracting Public Funds: The Case of Lebanon”, International Journal of Development and Conflict 02, 1250001 (2012)
  • Mansour, W., J. Chaaban, J. Litchfield, “The Impact of Migrant Remittances on School Attendance and Education Attainment: Evidence from Jordan”, International Migration Review Vol. 45 Number 4 Winter 2011.

Articles in Peer Reviewed Papers Series

  • Chaaban, J. and J. Harb, “Macroeconomic implications of windfall oil and gas revenues in Lebanon”, LCPS Policy Papers, Dec. 2015.
  • Chaaban, J., “Expanding Youth Opportunities in the Arab Region”, Arab Human Development Reports Research Paper Series, n.8, 2013.
  • Jad Chaaban and Karin Seyfert, “Faith-based NGOs in Multi-Confessional Society: Evidence from Lebanon”, ACRPS Research Papers, August 2012.
  • Jad Chaaban, “Youth integration and job creation in the Middle East”, NOREF Policy Brief, May 2012.
  • Chaaban, Jad and Cunningham, Wendy, 2011. “Measuring the economic gain of investing in girls: the girl effect dividend”, Policy Research Working Paper Series 5753, The World Bank, Washington DC.
  • El Gazzar, F. Raad, C. Arfa, A. Mataria, J. Chaaban, D. Salehi-Isfahani, S. Fesharaki, M. Majbouri, N. Salti, “Who Pays? Out-of-pocket health spending and equity implications in the Middle East and North Africa,” HNP Discussion Paper, November 2010, The World Bank, Washington DC.

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